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Speaker: Prof. Richard Dawid (Stockholm University)

Talk title: How postmodern is cosmic inflation?
In 2014, Ijjas, Loeb and Steinhardt (ILS) claimed that the paradigm of eternal inflation had left the regime of canonical scientific reasoning (using the pejorative term postmodern inflation). The debate on the paper eventually led to a highly antagonistic and much publicized exchange between ILS and 40 main exponents of inflation in Scientific American. In my talk I will argue that the irreconcilable positions in this debate have genuine philosophical roots. Contrary to the exponents of inflation, ILS’s rigid empiricist view of the scientific process i) assumes that a theory needs to be complete to be testable and ii) rejects non-empirical theory assessment. The talk is based on joint work with Casey McCoy.

Office: G6, <TBD>

Host: Vera Matarese (vera.matarese"at"


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Wednesday, October 14th, 2020
12.15–13.00: CSH Lunch
14.15–15:30: CSH Colloquium
15.30–16.00: After-talk Coffee in Wandelhalle

Dinner plans: <14th October>, <18.00> (<TBD>)