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Speaker: Prof. Jonathan Fortney (UCSC)

Talk time and title: Tue 28.8, 14:15-15:15 New Windows on Giant Planet Structure and Composition

Abstract: In our current era of planetary physics we can use the astronomical perspective to look for trends in giant planet structure that can only be seen with a large sample size. We can also use detailed observations of Jupiter and Saturn, provided by Juno and Cassini, to test if long-held assumptions about giant planets really hold true. I will discuss several exoplanet topics including the giant planet mass-metallicity relation, connections with atmospheric abundances, and the radius anomaly of hot Jupiters. These works rest on a standard modeling framework for giant planet structure and evolution that can be tested in detail for Jupiter and Saturn. For Saturn specifically, I will show how Cassini inferences of the gravity field and internal oscillations probe the planet's interior structure in new ways.

Office: G6, 207

Host: Christoph Mordasini


Jonathan leaves Zurich for Bern "around lunchtime" on Monday. So the first too slots might be too early.

Monday, 27.8.2018
13.00–14.00: Arrival & Welcome: Apurva Oza, G6 205 - Maybe too early - move to later
14.15–15:30: (Shami Tsai, G6 112/coffee room) - Maybe too early - move to later
15.30–16.00: Russell Deitrick (and Shami Tsai?), G6 115 or kaffee room
16.30–17.15: Brice-Olivier Demory, G6 201
17.00–18.00: Marko Sestovic Coffee Room or 202
Tuesday, 28.8.2018
10.00–11.00: Christoph Mordasini G6 101
11.00–12.00: Kevin Heng
12.15–13.00: Lunch
13.00–14.00: Andrea Gebek, Mensa/coffee room
14.15–15:30: Talk by Jonathan, G6 -108
16.00–17.00: Coffee break

18:00 Meet in front of G6 -> Dinner

Wednesday, 29.8.2018
09.00–10.00: Kevin Heng
10.00–11.00: Matej Malik, G6 112
11.00–12.00: Daniel Angerhausen, G6 015
12.15–13.00: Lunch
14.00–14:30: Dan Bower, G6 111
15.30–16.00: Daniel Kitzmann, 115@G6
16.00–17.00: Coffee break
17.00–18.00: Christoph Mordasini

30.8.2018: onward travel to Geneva in the morning

Dinner plans: Restaurant in the old town, Tuesday or Wednesday evening. Time and place TBD