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Speaker: Prof. Emeline Bolmont (Geneva)

Talk title: Towards a global view of the habitability around Cool Dwarfs

Abstract: The discoveries of systems like Proxima and TRAPPIST-1 shed light on the exotic dynamics and environment of planets orbiting very cool dwarfs. These systems are very different from our own. For instance, TRAPPIST-1 hosts extremely close-in planets, in an extremely compact configuration. These planets are therefore tidally evolving meaning that their eccentricity is being damped, their rotation period evolves towards synchronicity and their obliquity is damped. At the same time, planet-planet interactions are pumping the eccentricity and impact rotation and obliquity as well.
Eccentricity, rotation and obliquity are important quantities to assess the climate of the Habitable Zone planets around these stars.
In this context, the key question which motivates my research is: What is the influence of tidal evolution on the climate and habitability of exoplanets?
There are two ways to answer this question. The first one aims at trying to understand and reconstruct the tidal/insolation history of the planets in order to assess their present-day state. The second one aims at systematically investigating the effect of rotation and eccentricity on climate patterns using a Global Climate Model to see if they could be observed with the next generation of instruments.

Office: G6, 207

Host: Brice-Olivier Demory & Christoph Mordasini


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Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
10.00–11.00: Christoph Mordasini
11.00–12.00: Kevin Heng (G6 116)
12.15–13.00: CSH Lunch
Thursday, November 8th, 2018
11.00–11.30: Russell Deitrick (G6, 115)
12.15–13.00: CSH Seminar
14.15–15:00: Dan Bower (G6, 111)
15.00–15.30: Brice-Olivier Demory (G6, 201)
16.00–17.00: Apurva Oza (G6 205)
17.00–18.00: Jonas Kuhn (G6 205)

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