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Speaker: Dr. Christian Renggli (Münster)

Talk title: Gas-solid reactions in planetary environments: The role of Sulfur

Office: G6, TBD

Host: Dan Bower (hc.ebinu.hsc|rewob.leinad#hc.ebinu.hsc|rewob.leinad)


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Thursday, November 28th, 2019
10.00–11.00: Dan Bower (G6, 111)
11.00–11.30: Noah Jäggi & Diana Gamborino (Momento)
11.30–12.00: Tobias Meier (G6, 202)
12.15–13.00: CSH Lunch Seminar (G6, -108)
13.00–14.00: Lunch at Grosse Schanze
14.30–15.00: Kaustubh Hakim (G6, 111)
15.00–15.30: Tobias Meier (G6, 202)
15.30–16.30: Kevin Heng?
16.30–17.00: Meng Tian (G6, 105)