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Speaker: Dr. Ágnes Kóspál (Konkoly Observatory)

Talk title: FU Orionis-type young eruptive stars and their envelopes: the links between Class I and Class II protostars?

Abstract: FU Orionis-type stars (FUors) are young stellar objects experiencing large optical outbursts due to highly enhanced accretion from the circumstellar disk onto the star. FUors are often surrounded by massive envelopes, which have a significant role in the outburst mechanism. Conversely, the subsequent eruptions might gradually clear up the obscuring envelope material and drive the protostar on its way to become a disk-only T Tauri star; an evolutionary picture proposed more than a decade ago. FUor outbursts may have a substantial effect on the physics and chemistry of the disk, and on the initial conditions for planet formation. In this talk I will review recent advances in this field mostly based on observational studies using SMA, APEX, IRAM, and ALMA data. These revealed very compact and bright central sources (indicating significant heating and very optically thick material in the center), a wide variety of envelope structures from tenuous to massive ones (confirming the evolutionary aspects), outflows more powerful than typical in normal protostars, and rich chemistry. These results also highlight the importance of combining data with different spatial resolutions to correctly sample the emission spanning several orders of magnitude in distance scale, from the inner disk at a few au, through the disk-envelope interface at a few hundred au, to the large-scale envelope and outflow cavity at several thousand au.

Office: G6, 207

Host: Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya (maria.drozdovskaya"at"


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Tuesday, December 10th, 2019
17.00: greeting of the visitor by the host
17.30: departure by foot for the dinner restaurant
Wednesday, December 11th, 2019
12.15–13.00: CSH Lunch (Dr. Ágnes Kóspál + Dr. Nora Hänni) -108 (G6)
13.00–14.00: last-minute talk preparations
14.15–15:15: CSH Colloquium (Dr. Ágnes Kóspál) B5 (ExWi)
15.15–16.00: after-talk coffee Wandelhalle (ExWi)
16.00-17.00: Susanne Wampfler (G6, 018)
Thursday, December 12th, 2019
09.00–10.00: Oliver Schib
10.00–11.00: Beatrice Kulterer
12.15–13.00: CSH Seminar (Dr. Michele Bannister) -108 (G6)
13.00: departure of the visitor

Dinner plans: Tuesday, December 10th, 2019, 18:00 (Brasserie 11, participants: Ágnes, Beatrice, Susanne, Niels, Maria) - please contact the host if you would like to join the dinner