Schedule for CSH Seminars: Fall 2019

Note: CSH seminars take place on Thursdays, 12.15-13.00, Meeting room -108, G6 building, Gesellschaftsstrasse 6, 3012, Bern


This schedule is constantly updated. Check back regularly.
Address any questions to Brice-Olivier Demory.

19/09/19: Dr. Brett Morris (CSH/Bern) - Office 203
Title: The Effects of Stellar Magnetic Activity and Variability on Observations of Exoplanets

26/09/19: Dr. Luca Maltagliati (nature astronomy) - Office TBD
Title: How to publish in Nature (Astronomy)
Abstract: One of the main obstacles authors can meet when they want to publish their research in a Nature journal is the feeling that the criteria for paper selection are quite ‘esoteric’ and unclear. An editor of Nature Astronomy will talk about what Nature editors really look for when they assess a paper for consideration, answer any questions about the journal, and give tips on how to write a paper (particularly for Nature, but valid in general).
Host: Prof. Kevin Heng

3/10/19: Dr. Anna Grau-Galofre (Arizona State University) - Office G6 207
Title: Valley network formation under ancient Martian ice sheets
Host: Dr. Patricio Becerra

10/10/19: Dr. Clémence Fontanive (CSH/Bern)
Title: Brown Dwarf Binaries: from Statistics to Formation and Evolution

17/10/19: Dr. Manuel Perger (Barcelona) - Office 105
Title: CARMENES and stellar activity treatment
Host: Dr. Daniel Angerhausen

24/10/19: Dr. Katharine Johnston (Leeds) - Office 105
Title: Properties of accretion discs around massive stars with ALMA
Host: Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya

31/10/19: Dr. Beibei Liu (Lund) - Office TBD
Title: TBD
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini

7/11/19: Dr. Niels Ligterink (CSH/Bern)
Title: TBD

14/11/19: Dr. Kamber Schwarz (Arizona) - Office TBD
Title: TBD
Host: Prof. Susanne Wampfler

21/11/19: Ms Sandra Potin (Grenoble) - Office TBD
Title: TBD
Host: Dr. Antoine Pommerol

28/11/19: Dr. Christian Renggli (Muenster) - Office TBD
Title: TBD
Host: Dr. Dan Bower

5/12/19: Prof. Ignas Snellen (Leiden) - Office TBD
Title: CSH Distinguished Lecture II
Host: Prof. Kevin Heng

12/12/19: Dr Michele Bannister (Belfast) - Office TBD
Title: TBD
Host: Dr. Holly Capelo

19/12/19: Dr Nathan Mayne (Exeter) - Office TBD
Title: TBD
Host: Prof. Brice-Olivier Demory