Schedule for CSH Seminars: Fall 2018

Note: CSH seminars take place on Thursdays, 12.15-13.00, Meeting room -108, G6 building, Gesellschaftsstrasse 6, 3012, Bern


This schedule is constantly updated. Check back regularly.
Address any questions to Brice-Olivier Demory.

20/09/18: Dr. Jonas Kühn (CSH) - Office #203
Title: Laying the groundwork for the future exoplanet imager instruments: SLM-based active coronagraphy, and how to address challenging observational cases with direct imaging

27/09/18: Dr. Charitra Jain (ETHZ) - Office #111
Title: Self-consistent generation of Archean continental crust in global mantle convection models
Host: Dr. Dan Bower

4/10/18: Dr. Michael Way (NASA Goddard) - Office #207
Title: Modeling Venus-like Worlds Through Time: What they may tell us about
the evolution of Venus's atmosphere over 4Gy, and application to exoVenus worlds.
Host: Prof. Kevin Heng

11/10/18: Dr. Tobias Rolf (CEED, Uni of Oslo) - Office #207
Title: News from a forgotten world - Venus: mantle viscosity structure and evolutionary state
Host: Dr. Dan Bower

18/10/18: Sally Blumenthal (Exeter) - Office #207
Title: Means and Motivation for the Consistent Modelling of Exoplanet Atmospheres and the Application of Different Chemical Networks
Host: Dr. Daniel Angerhausen

25/10/18: Dr. Nathalie Ysard (IAS, Paris) - Office #111
Title: THEMIS: The Heterogeneous dust Evolution Model for Interstellar Solids
Host: Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya

1/11/18: Dr. Natalia Solomatova (ENS Lyon) - Office #018
Title: Carbon chemistry in early Earth's deep magma ocean
Host: Dr. Dan Bower

8/11/18: Dr. Emeline Bolmont (CEA Saclay) - Office #105
Title: Towards a global view of the habitability around Cool Dwarfs
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini

15/11/18: CANCELLED

22/11/18: Dr. Annelies Mortier (St-Andrews) - Office #207
Title: Stellar spectroscopy in exoplanet research
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini

29/11/18: Dr. Stefano Facchini (Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik) - Office #105
Title: The 2D and 3D structure of protoplanetary disks
Host: Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya

6/12/18: Dr. Jean Bollard (CSH+Geological Institute) - Office #206
Title: Origin of the Solar System − Insights from meteoritic components

13/12/18: Dr. Melissa McClure (University of Amsterdam) - Office #018
Title: Measuring volatile element transport in protoplanetary disks: evidence for comets at 2 Myr
Host: Dr. Susanne Wampfler

20/12/18: Dr. Antoine Pommerol (WP) - Office #217
Title: TBC