Unified Schedule for CSH Colloquia & WP Seminars

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This is for the regular 14.15–15.15 slot in ExWi B5.
Note that the CSH also sponsors speakers in the Bern Physics Colloquium series (Wednesdays, 16.15–17.15, ExWi B6).

19/09/18 (Wed): Prof. Caroline Terquem (Oxford University) [CSH] - Office #XXX
Title: The TRAPPIST-1 system: Orbital evolution, tidal dissipation and formation
Host: Prof. Kevin Heng
Note that this is the first week of semester, so this talk is hosted internally in G6 -108

17/10/18 (Wed): Prof. Hector Arce (Yale University) [CSH] - Office #XXX
Title: tbd
Host: Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya

12/12/18 (Wed): Prof. Didier Queloz (Cambridge University) [BPC] - Office #XXX
Title: tbd
Host: Prof. Kevin Heng