Protocol for How to Host CSH Visitors

Note: this document is still in flux

1. Hosting

  • Hosts takes care of the hotel accommodation, reimbursements, specifications of per diem (and half diem) days, chairs the seminar/colloquium and takes the visitor out to dinner.
  • Danielle Zemp (DZ) will handle the details of the hotel accommodation, and the host only has to write to her with the dates of visit, name of guest, guest's affiliation and guest's email address.
  • Guests fill out the reimbursement form completely and return it (together with travel receipts, but not food) to DZ.
  • Inform Irène Bütler or DZ of how many per diems the visitor is entitled to get - otherwise the guest might not get any compensation.
  • Guests sign out with DZ (or Janine Jungo) for a key. If the key is returned outside office hours, the office should be closed and the key can be dropped in the letterbox of G6. It is the responsibility of the host to remind the guest to return the key.
  • Guest will be issued with coffee pads in office 003

2. Meals

  • We pay only for one lunch or one dinner for the colloquium/seminar speaker, but not both.
  • Host pays first and gets reimbursed later by DZ.
  • For CSH speaker lunch, there is a 24 CHF limit on locals, but the speaker is covered fully. If lunch is the only meal the speaker is available for, then it is paid for by the host first (who gets reimbursed later). If not (and the speaker goes to dinner as well), then the speaker pays for her/his own lunch and gets reimbursed a half diem.
  • For CSH speaker dinner, Kevin covers the reimbursement out of his own grant, but requests that the limit is respectfully kept at 50 CHF per person.
  • On the day when the speaker is brought out for lunch or dinner, he/she will only get half diem.

3. Special/extra talks/visitors

  • On occasion, there will be "quasi-local" visitors who just happen to be in Bern and wish to visit and give a talk.
  • We will usually call these "special seminars".
  • We have agreed that the time and day of the special seminar is kept flexible so as to accommodate the visitor's schedule.
  • However, please start 15 minutes after the hour to be consistent with the culture at the University of Bern (classes end on the hour, and start a quarter past the hour).
  • The CSH usually does not sponsor or reimburse visitors who have not been vetted through our colloquium+seminar process. Quasi-local visitors are handled on a case-by-case basis.