A large part of the mission of the CSH is to enhance the scientific interactions between its members, the Bernese arm of the PlanetS NCCR, the Bernese contingent of the CHEOPS mission and the various research groups within WP. The CSH runs a professional Visitor's Program that invites colloquium, seminar and research visitors, plans the logistics of their visits (travel, hotel accommodation, reimbursement, visitor's office) and embeds them in an array of interaction mechanisms (research coffee, research lunch, journal club) during their visit to the CSH's main location in G6 (Gesellschaftsstrasse 6, CH-3012, Bern, Switzerland). The CSH places a heavy emphasis on its youth (students and postdocs), and strives to enhance and augment their scientific education via these interaction mechanisms.

“What we don’t know, we teach one another.”
- J.R. Oppenheimer, physicist

CSH Distinguished Lectures

The CSH Distinguished Lectures are delivered by world-leading authorities on their fields of expertise.

CSH Colloquium Series

The CSH Colloquia are review talks given by established researchers, providing big-picture overviews of the state of the art.

CSH Seminar Series

Complimentary to the CSH Colloquia, the CSH Seminars allow the speaker to focus on explaining frontier scientific results. The seminars are usually more technically-oriented and focus on the findings of a recent peer-reviewed publication.

CSH Lunch

The CSH Lunch series are held on the same day as the CSH Colloquia. They are designed to allow for the discussion of research work that the speaker will not present in the colloquium. They also provide a forum for our local researchers to discuss their most recent work, even if it has not yet been fully formed, finalised or published, so as to collect feedback from our local research community. Presentation slides are banned from the CSH Lunch, as it is meant to encourage the skill of defending one’s work without using slides as a clutch. Basically, share with us your mental universe, something you have been working on day and night.

CSH Journal Club

The journal club is the place where our researchers meet to dissect recent papers in detail. We typically have two discussion leaders, who review the state of the art, educate us on the big questions in that particular field, and discuss the importance (or lack of) of a specific paper.

CSH astro-ph Coffee

Once a week, a small number of us hurdle around a coffee table and chat informally about the latest findings on www.arxiv.org. Part of the motivation is to filter and select papers for more careful discussion in our journal club. Mostly, we wish to educate and stimulate one another!

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