Event information

Hosts: Kevin Heng, Andrea Guzmán Mesa, Olga Pinzón

Visitors (alphabetical):
1. Prof. Dr. Pablo A. Cuartas (University of Antioquia)

2. Prof. Dr. Juan F. Salazar (University of Antioquia)

3. Prof. Dr. Esteban Silva Villa (University of Antioquia)

4. Prof. Dr. Santiago Vargas (National University)

5. Prof. Dr. Jorge I. Zuluaga (University of Antioquia)

Offices: All 5 visitors will be hosted together in G6 -105 (basement)


NOTE: Please indicate explicitly who you wish to meet, e.g., Dr. J. Smith [Vargas] in Office X (Smith's office)

9th March 2020 (Monday)
10.00–11.00: CSH-Colombia Mini-Workshop
11.00–12.00: CSH-Colombia Mini-Workshop
12.00–14.00: Lunch
14.00-15.00: Dr. Santiago Vargas in Office 112
15.00–16.00: Dr. Jorge Zuluaga & Dr. Esteban Silva in Office 212
19.00 onwards: Dinner hosted by ISSI (Restaurant Della Casa, Schauplatzgasse 16, 3011 Bern)
10th March 2020 (Tuesday)
09.00–10.00: Visit to ISPM for coffee and chat with Oscar Franco
10.45–11.30: Discussion with Louise Harra (Kevin's office)
11.30–12.30: Lunch
13.00-13.30: Tilman Spohn @ ISSI
13.30–14.00: Jorge Zuluaga (planetary science)
14.00–14.30: Santiago Vargas (solar physics)
14.30–15.30: Coffee/tea break
15.30–16.00: Juan Salazar (Earth science)
16.00–16.30: Esteban Silva Villa (astrophysics)
16.30–17.00: Pablo Cuartas (exoplanets)
Time TBD: Dinner hosted by Embassy
11th March 2020 (Wednesday)
12.15–13.00: CSH Lunch (G6 -108)
13.15-14.00: Meeting Pablo+Jorge+Esteban with N. Thomas (Momento)
14.15–15.15: CSH Colloquium of Prof. Jorg Hermann (University of Bern)
15.15–16.00: After-colloquium coffee in Wandelhalle